Adele Reveals She May Never Tour Again

Adele has been selling out stadiums on tour for her entire career, but she might have just confirmed that chapter of her life is over for her. Concertgoers at some of Adele's final shows in the U.K. reportedly found handwritten notes folded in their programs! 


The singer has opened up about her stage fright before, sharing with a New Zealand tour crowd; 

"Touring isn't something I'm good at. Applause makes me feel a bit vulnerable. I don't know if I will ever tour again. The only reason I've toured is you. I'm not sure if touring is my bag. My greatest accomplishment in my career is this tour."

Adele's Wembley tour dates are still going, so it's unclear whether or not she'll make a more formal announcement in one of her later dates. If this is true, we'll miss you on stage Adele!



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