Trying To Figure Out This Math Problem Will Make You Go Crazy

Not all math problems are meant to be solved, some of them will have you sitting there and trying to figure it out for hours! Some problems have different solutions, but others have answers that don't deal with numbers at all, like this Facebook post asking people to find a math mistake.

Facebook user Antley Lamont Staten shared a photo on Facebook of a man holding up two sheets of paper. One paper has the numbers 1-9 written on it. The other paper asks people to share when they found the mistake. Can you solve it yourself?


Are you confused? Or trying to figure out what could possibly be wrong with the numbers? The answer is on the paper to the left, which doesn't have to do with math at al! The man spelled "mistake" wrong, which clearly struck a nerve with the Internet considering it has more than 100,000 reactions, 800,000 shares, and plenty of comments.


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