How Kevin Carr Learned About Relationships From Social Media

Kevin Carr’s What I’ve Learned About Dating isn’t your typical dating book. It’s unconventionality is what makes the book unique, as well as it’s real time advice derived from personal evaluated experience. Kevin tells readers to think about the last date they’ve been on, or the last person who caught their eye. How did you feel? What were your thoughts? Now imagine that those thoughts and feelings were written down for you to read and gain clarity from. That’s exactly what Carr’s book is. Dating in today’s society can prove ultimately difficult and What I’ve Learned About Dating comprises real thoughts and authentic emotional in regard’s to today’s societal expectations in the dating world. 

Carr wrote about dating for Essence for years, which led him to writing a book geared towards helping people navigate the single life. This book is perfect for millennials as the content was mostly generated from Instagram! He goes on to explain his advice on dating, meeting people, and cultivating relationships through his experience throughout the years. What I’ve Learned About Dating is composed of raw honesty about his feelings and thoughts of the dating world.

Carr nails all of the feelings that come along with dating; the rejection, disappointment, excitement, intrigue- and then goes on to explain how everybody articulates these feelings in a different way, no matter if you are 20 years old or 50. Take a listen to the full episode below and keep up with Kevin by following his adventures on Twitter!



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