Marsha Haygood On Living Her Dream


Marsha Haygood stopped by to be on The Public Library with Helen Little to talk about the book she co-authored,The Little Black Book of Success. The motivational speaker and empowerment coach spoke about  her inspiring career journey that eventually led to her publishing a book. After 30 years in a corporate arena, Haygood eventually started her own company to help coach people on getting 'unstuck' in their lives and helping them be happy and successful in their careers.

This eventually led to publishing The Little Black Book of Success, which Haygood calls having a "mentor in your pocket".  The book focuses on avoidable life mistakes and little nuggets of information that we've heard growing up from our elders but never listened too, cleverly deemed 'Mama-isms'. 

Each chapter of The Little Black Book of Success grapples with an issue, or a cultural code that is influenced by our society. The book's 40 chapters are creatively referred to as 'the 40 laws of leadership', because each section contains a true building block of leadership such as self confidence, effective communication, collaboration, and courage. The book also focuses on dealing with certain stereotypes and how to over come the perils of self-victimization. 

This book isn't only for black women, but for anyone who is seeking wisdom on leadership and success! It's chock full of sound and thoughtful advice on how to build a successful business career, achieve any job they desire, and how to be a front-runner in the workplace. 

As said by The Little Black Book of Success, "some leaders are born and some are made." We definitely recommend giving Haygood's book a read if you are about to embark on a new career journey! 


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