The Cheesecake Factory Finally Answered Our Prayers

Who doesn't love the Cheesecake Factory? From their gigantic menu, to their delectable and creamy cheesecakes, there's nothing not to love. If you're not near a Cheesecake Factory and have a hankering for their fluffy cheesecake, your prayers have been answered. You can now make your own Cheesecake Factory dessert at home with their new line of boxed baking mixes! Cheesecake isn't the only thing they're offering, the restaurant chain created boxed mixes of snickerdoodle cookies, chocolate cupcakes, and vanilla frosting-with icing! 

In addition to the mixes for cheesecakes, cookies, and cupcakes, Cheesecake Factory At Home will soon release another new kind of mix. Under a "Coming Soon!" tab on the line's page, there are mixes for five varieties of truffles. They include mint crunch, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, cappuccino chocolate, and sea salted chocolate coated caramels.

The line called "Cheesecake Factory at Home" is super new, and select products can be found at Walmart. Run, don't walk, so you can create these epic desserts at home!



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