Amazon Users, Watch Out For Reported Prime Day Email Scam

If you're an Amazon Prime member, then listen up! A new phishing scam is reportedly targeting users of the paid delivery service through a very official-looking email. Victims of this scam receive an email thanking them for their recent purchase on Amazon Prime Day and inviting them to write a review in exchange for a $50 "bonus."

When consumers click on the link, they are directed to a spoofed Amazon site that requests their log in credentials. Consumers have been warned NOT to click on the provided links as they may lead to a malware infection on your computer or ransomware that can encrypt sensitive files on your device!

These suspicious emails can contain an order confirmation for an item you didn't purchase, requests for your Amazon username and password, requests to update your payment information, and prompts to install software on your computer.

You can take a look at the phony email below.

If you've received one of these spam emails, do not click on it!

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