Kelly Clarkson Tells Bob & Christine The 'Meaning of Life'

Kelly Clarkson stopped by The Bob and Christine Morning Show in the Lite FM studios to talk her new album, 'Meaning of Life' hitting the stores on October 27th! Kelly opened up about how excited she is to make this new album and show the world how far she's come throughout her music career. "The album has a whole concept of connection. This album is not great because of Kelly Clarkson," Kelly admits. "It's great because of all the musicians, all of the singers that are highlighted, all of the engineers, the producers. There are a lot of people that make up an album, and we really wanted to highlight those people. Earth Wind and Fire even played on this album!"

Watch the full interview to hear Kelly open up about parenting and motherhood, which One Directioner she is obsessed with, her new children's book, and more!



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