Here's How You Can Help Those Affected By The Hurricanes

Hurricanes have been sweeping our nation lately, most recently Hurricane Maria, which left a trail of death and destruction in the Caribbean and Puerto Rico. Thousands of individuals have lost their homes, have no electricity, or source for clean water. Here's how you can help provide a sustainable source of clean water to those in need!

CLEAN International is partnering with Direct Relief to deliver thousands of water filters and purification tablets to those affected by the hurricanes. It is important because filters and tablets provide longterm access to clean water opposed to bottled water.  Individuals, companies and organizations can help purchase the filters and purification tablets (they are sending 10,000+)! Direct Relief is currently sending shipments to all areas affected by hurricanes. Access to clean water is needed today and shipments are going out weekly!

 You can help by texting WATER to 41444 or you can Donate Here to Send Filters and Purification Tablets. This is an immediate way to help those affected by the hurricanes and your help goes a long way!



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