Jason Mraz Talks Upcoming Broadway Debut

Jason Mraz talked to Bob and Christine on Lite FM about his upcoming Broadway debut!  The singer-songwriter will appear in Sara Bareilles' popular musical, Waitress on November 3rd. The duo met when Sara asked Jason if he could sing the male role on the album version of Waitress. Instantly, Mraz was delighted and happily obliged. He was nervous that his voice wouldn't be mature enough to play the role of a doctor, but Bareilles reassured him that the role is light and whimsical. Years later, she called up Mraz and asked him if he would actually play the role of Dr. Pomatter in the play, and he was honored! 

“I feel completely transformed,” Mraz said of his experience with Waitress. “I feel like everything I’ve done in the last 20 years was just buying time until I could get back here and become a part of a show and have a purpose. So, thank you for the invitation Sara. To me as a performer, Broadway feels like new muscles," Mraz explains. "A lot of it is trying to change my own inner dialogue to the truth of Dr. Pomatter so I can mean what I say when I interact with the main character, Jenna. It's a ton of fun so far. I'm loving it."

Mraz will be on the Broadway stage for three months, until January since he booked himself solo tours starting in February. What's next for the singer-songwriter? After he wraps up his solo shows on the road, he's currently working on a new album! "Broadway was such a great break from my usual routine. I got to take a break from the neuroses of writing an album and expand my musical horizons."

Check out the full interview to find out which Jason Mraz song is the most popular on Lite FM, his favorite setting for writing songs, and more!

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