Hess Truck GM Justin Mayer Talks About Our Gift Wrapping Party & More


Hess Truck general manager Justin Mayer stopped by the 106.7 Lite fm studios to talk about the most iconic Christmas present of all time. We all know the song and magical commercials, as well as the Hess Truck toys they're promoting. We're thankful to have such an iconic company partner with us for our Holiday Gift Wrapping Party this year! 

Mayer talked about the dump truck released for Christmas this year, which is the first dump truck in the company's fifty three year history. Mayer revealed that the trucks are so durable and complex that it can take up to six years to design them and assemble them for sale. That's pretty incredible. 

Hess graciously donated over 100 trucks for our holiday gift wrap party next Tuesday! We can't wait to deliver them to so many deserving children. 


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