#SkatingInCentralPark ... Some Photo's with Delilah!

As always, we LOVE spending time with everyone who comes out to say hello and share some time, with Delilah, at Skating in Central Park.  This year was a tough year, given the tremendous loss in Delilah's heart & entire family since our beloved Zack changed his address to Heaven.... but everyone who shared love, words of prayer, and kind sentiments with Delilah were a GIFT and a BLESSING in so many wonderful ways.  Thank You for your kindness and LOVE.  

Below are some photos courtesy of our photographer Steve Prue.... if you took a photo with Delilah on Saturday at Skating in Central Park, and you don't see it here.... e-mail Producer David and we'll do our best to locate it for you: David@Delilah.com 


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