Steve Irwin's Niece Claps Back At Trolls After Posting Bikini Pics

Steve Irwin's family is already famous - his daughter, Bindi, and son, Robert, have followed in their father's footsteps by working with animals. But now, Rebecca Lobie, the niece of the late Crocodile Hunter, is making a name for herself. She's been amassing quite the following on Instagram after fans discovered her bikini-clad pics. However, while she seems to be enjoying the attention, Rebecca is also experiencing some of the more challenging aspects of fame - bullying.

This week, she asked her 18,000 followers to stop sending abusive messages to her and her family. Her post reads, "Stop being bullies. If you don't like me or my Insta, don't go on it. To everyone else, thank you for your support. Love you."

The 32-year-old mother of two is the daughter of Steve's sister, Joy. Her followers seem to enjoy her nearly NSFW photos, which differ from the rest of her family's clean and conservative public image.

Rebecca manages a restaurant in Australia and also runs an eyelash business.

A few years ago, Rebecca was the managing director of the Irwin family's Australia Zoo, but left the position in 2015.

Around that same time, she and her cousin Bindi stopped following each other on Instagram. No word on if Steve's daughter disapproves of her cousin's Instagram.

You can follow Rebecca here.

Photo: Instagram/Rebecca_Lobie