Jersey City Police Officer Wins $2 Million On Season 40 Of 'Survivor'

A Jersey City police officer won the 40th season of CBS' Survivor! Tony Vlachos, 46, reportedly took home the largest prize in reality TV show history, $2 million.

A lot of excitement surrounded the Survivor: Winners at War season finale as the final three contests all hailed from New Jersey. Vlachos ultimately defeated Michele Fitzgerald, 29, of Freehold and Natalie Anderson, 34, of Edgewater on Wednesday night’s episode. This was the second time Vlachos won a season of Survivor.

Vlachos told Entertainment Tonight, “It opened up my eyes to see how [important] financial security is. Anything can happen. Right now we’re going through people losing their jobs,” Tony told ET. “The first million that I won with Survivor, I invested in a lot of properties … the best thing to do is to pay off those mortgages and be secure.”

Congratulations Tony Vlachos!

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