Jimmy Fallon Is Mad He Didn't Get An Invite To Blake Shelton's Wedding

Jimmy Fallon appears to still have some hard feelings about not making the invitation list for Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani's wedding in July. The Tonight Show host teased Shelton about his disappointment on the matter during an episode on Thursday night (December 2).

When Fallon showed an image from Shelton and Stefani's wedding, Blake joked that he and Gwen "like to take our publicity stunts all the way." Fallon then replied, "I just thought it was beautiful. I mean, I didn't hear from you or anything, you know personally and say, 'Hey, Jimmy, what are you doing? Are you busy this week?' You know what not much planning went into it. I understand. Who puts planning into a wedding, you know? Anyway, I just remember not being invited."

Shelton was quick to reply that the ceremony only had room for one NBC host, and that because Carson Daly had officiated the nuptials, he was the one who needed to be invited.

"That's true, yeah, but I've known you and Gwen for a long time and I just figured... I was just sitting t home, trying to read on Twitter, how is the wedding going... anyways, it seemed like a blast!"

Fallon hasn't been the only celebrity who felt left out by not being invited to Shelton and Stefani's wedding. The couple opted to keep the guest list intimate. Trace Adkins shared earlier on that he wasn't happy about not being invited to the ceremony, and joked that he didn't buy the newly weds a wedding gift because of it.

While many of Shelton and Stefani's friends weren't at the wedding, Shelton did allow the whole world to hear a little piece of the ceremony with his song, "We Can Reach The Stars." Shelton had written the track for Stefani as his wedding vows, and he released the single last month.

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