18 Year-Old Cancer Patient At Hassenfeld Inspired To Study Physical Therapy

Darguens Noel is 18 years old and lives on Long Island. He was getting ready to graduate from high school last spring and was diagnosed with cancer for the second time. 

Darguens went through cancer treatment at Hassenfeld Children's Hospital and the staff inspired him to study physical therapy after high school.

"I kept taking classes throughout the whole time of my diagnosis and I got to graduate... My career plan for the future, I always wanted to work in a hospital as sort of like my way to repay the universe in a way like thank God for those doctors and everybody that's helped me along the way. I think after high school I'd really like to pursue physical therapy so that's my plan. I think I can work at a hospital and motivate some kids."

Thanks so much for sharing your story Darguens - you can watch the full interview in the video player above. Let’s show him and everyone at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital how much we care. Click here to donate and become a Bright Lite for kids.

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