4 Year-Old Dreams To Give Back To Hassenfeld Nurses After Exceptional Care

Blythe Kaufman’s four year old daughter, Harper, was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2019. The doctors and nurses at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital have been treating her and closely monitoring her ever since.

Blythe Kaufman told Cubby and Christine about Harper's dream to give back to her favorite nurses, Olivia and Meredith,

“Last year in December, Harper said she wants to have a lemonade stand and I said okay well it’s December and it’s the height of the pandemic... I said we can’t have a lemonade stand because it’s too cold and no one is going to buy lemonade from someone’s house right now… She said she needs money, and I thought she was asking for money for a Barbie or something, but then she said she needs a lot of money. I said okay what do you need the money for and she started to cry and said she needs the money to give to money to Meredith and Olivia because they help her so much and she just wants to know if she can give them money.”

What a touching story.

The incredible staff at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital provide live-saving care for Harper and so many other children. Watch the full interview in the player above and become a Bright Lite today and donate now!

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