Mother Explains How Hassenfeld Helps Families Handle Difficult Diagnoses

Last year was a difficult year for everyone, but it was particularly hard for three-year-old Mary Rose.

Her mom, Sara Snider, told Helen Little and Jack Kratoville that Mary Rose was frequently sick and it was nearly impossible to get an in-person appointment with a doctor with the pandemic. Eventually Mary Rose was admitted to the Hassenfeld Children's Hospital immediately where she was diagnosed with three rare diseases.

Snider explained that not only was it difficult on Mary Rose physically, but also mentally, but Hassenfeld made it easier,

"Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital assigned us to a wonderful therapy team and helped give Mary Rose space to talk about what had happened to her in the appropriate way a three year old can… The amazing team helped her slow down, recognize everything that she had gone through and that this was going to be a lifelong process. These three syndromes she has are not going away. This is going to be part of her life and we had to reset how she was going to handle it going forward and how we can be supports to her in the journey."

Hassenfeld Children's Hospital makes it a point to treat their patients holistically. Watch the full interview in the player above and become a Bright Lite today and donate now!

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