New Interview! Deborah Graham: TLC’s “The Psychic Matchmaker” joins Us!

Deborah Graham: Star of TLC’s “The Psychic Matchmaker”, author, radio and podcast host joins Christine and Jamie again.

This time it's a new year, 2023! Deborah has tips tricks how to clear out old energy like wearing red and throwing out your old underwear. Yes, you read that right! Haha

She thinks this is going to be a year of balance and manifestation! She sees Christine getting that dream home and needing to set her wedding date. She also sees Jamie meeting her future husband and having those babies. Listen here to all the details of what Deborah has to say!

Don’t forget to check out her NEW live show, “The Psychic Connection With Deborah Graham” every Monday-Friday 10pm-12am on! Call 855-855-4DEB for a FREE reading with Deborah during her live show!

For a regular reading or to learn more about Deborah and connect with her go to and you can find her on Instagram at @psychicDeborahGraham

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