Kit Harington Talks Potential Jon Snow 'Game Of Thrones' Spin-Off

Photo: Getty Images

With the enormous success of Game Of Thrones and its prequel, the recent smash hit House Of The Dragon fans are always curious about what's next for the fantasy franchise, but actor Kit Harington who plays the role of Jon Snow on Game Of Thrones isn't revealing anything. During a segment on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon the host tried to extract some information from Harington and it didn't go well.

In response to questions about a potential Jon Snow spin-off, Harington didn't say much, "I don't know. Do you want to have it?" Jon Snow was a fan favorite character on Game Of Thrones for years and there have been rumors for years that his own spin-off series may be in the works. Recently though, following the renewed interested as a result of House Of The Dragon fans have been craving any kind of concrete information.

When pressed further about the rumors Harington formally shut down any attempts to get information from him, "I can't say anything." He joked about doing a spin-off just to reach the same level of fame and attention he had while Game Of Thrones was originally on the air saying, "I walk down the street and I get recognized a little less nowadays, and it kind of hurts my ego, you know?" Harington ended the segment joking that "I got a tally in my head of how few photos I get asked for in a day, and when it gets below a certain number, I think I'll do a spin-off."

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