Patient Mother On How Hassenfeld And Sala Provides Family Centered Care

During our 6th Annual Hope For The Holidays Radiothon, parent Lwam Rafel sat down with Cubby and Christine to chat about her experience at Hassenfeld Children's Hospital and with the Sala Institute.

After a complicated pregnancy and emergency delivery, her daughter Sloane was born at just 25 weeks. Doctors immediately rushed her to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital, where she spent the first five months of her life. 

"If you've never stepped foot into a NICU before, it's a really foreign setting. And so all of that support that came in from the Sala Institute was... I don't even know how we could have gotten through without it.You don't know about how your child's doing. You don't know if you're doing well. You don't know if your child's going to survive. And then you're learning all of this medical terminology and learning it. You know, we had to bring her home on oxygen. And so it was learning how to care for medically complex child and learning equipment. And we also had a an older son at home. He was two at the time. And so having a toddler at home who we couldn't integrate into our hospital lives because he was too young. Sala really supported us through child life and giving us, you know, crafts and activities. We could do art with our son at home and bring in for her and like, piece them around the room."

It’s great to know that pre-mature babies like Sloane can depend on Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital and that Sala is there to help not only them, but also their parents. Now, its your turn. Please call 1-800-222-1067 or donate here and become a Bright Lite.

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