Are Beyoncé & Lady Gaga Teasing 'Telephone' Part 2?

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It's been 14 long years since Lady Gaga and Beyoncé teamed up to give pop music lovers one of the most iconic music videos of the 21st Century. Now that Beyoncé has unveiled her plans for RENAISSANCE ACT II, fans are hoping that it may include a reunion with Gaga.

During Sunday night's (February 11th) Super Bowl, Beyoncé unexpectedly released two country singles ("Texas Hold 'Em" and "16 Carriages") and announced that the follow-up to her beloved 2022 house album RENAISSANCE would be arriving on March 29th. The superstar was in the stands of Allegiant Stadium on Sunday night along with Lady Gaga.

While the two didn't interact on camera, fans are reading into some of Beyoncé's new visuals and a social media post that Gaga shared from the Big Game. It all adds up to mean, according to fans, that the sequel to "Telephone" is on the way.

After Beyoncé shared a visual teaser for Act II on YouTube, fans couldn't help but notice some similarities to the 2010 music video.

Then, Twitter user @matthewsuber shared a viral tweet pointing out a photo Gaga shared at the Super Bowl which showed her holding up two fingers, which fans think refers to Act II. Plenty of fans hopped in the comments to share their dissenting opinions, but fans went on to show that the date Gaga went to jail in the "Telephone" music was February 11, 2010, which happened to be the exact date Beyoncé revealed the exciting news.

Coincidence? Only time will tell! Renaissance Act II drops on March 29th. Listen to "TEXAS HOLD 'EM" and "16 CARRIAGES" on iHeartRadio.

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