Hassenfeld Has Resources Other Hospitals Don't To Give The Best Care

Michele Romano was at work, just like many of you are now, when her 15-year-old daughter, Ava, called to say that she’d just passed out. At home, alone. The next thing she knew Ava was in an ambulance and fighting for her life. Everything can change in the blink of an eye… 

"Ava had a massive pulmonary embolism. And they just didn't have the an Eskimo unit, a pediatric chemo unit, or they just didn't have the capability to take care of her at the original hospital. So she was transferred to Hassanfeld... She went through a lot... She definitely had several setbacks. She was cardiac arrest, you name it. Hassenfeld was amazing. They they saved her life. They they saved all our lives. Really. They're just unbelievable what they can do there."

Hear more about Michele and Ava's story by watching the video player above.

Please call 1-800-222-1067 or donate here and become a Bright Lite for the kids. 

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