The Nation’s Top Egg Producer Reported A Ridiculous Profit Increase! 🥚😒

·Remember a few months ago… when EGG prices were sky high? Of course you do. The nation’s top egg producer (Cal-Maine Foods) just reported their quarterly earningsand it’s ridiculous. This company posted a 718% PROFIT INCREASE from the previous quarter.

Talk about a ROTTEN egg!?

In other food news, Cup Noodles has entered the breakfast game! Or… at least they’re trying. They just released a “morning version” of their famous instant ramen.

Apparently, it combines the flavors of sausage, maple syrup, pancakes and eggs in a saucy texture. All ready in just 4 minutes.

If you’ve found these in stores… we wanna know where! Call us 1.800.929.KOST

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