Refreshing Watermelon Salad Recipe

August is the perfect month to enjoy cold, refreshing watermelon. And with August 3rd being National Watermelon Day, I thought it the perfect time to share one of my favorite recipes for watermelon salad. All you need is watermelon, fresh basil, feta cheese, and optional blueberries.

Grab a wedge of watermelon and make sure it's icy cold. (I prefer seedless.) Chop it into small chunks so you have a minimum of three cups of fruit. Slice up about a third of a cup of fresh basil and add to the melon. Drop in a cup of fresh blueberries, then sprinkle it with a half a cup of crumbled feta cheese and be prepared to be amazed! Feel free to add or lessen the amount of cheese or basil based on your taste preferences. Also, when I prepare this for my vegan sweetheart, I use a plant-based feta for a dairy-free, gluten-free treat. You'll be surprised how well these flavors marry.

Oh, and feel free to thank me later!

Photo credit: D. Hampton

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