Meet Ryan Redmond: First Female Olaf in Broadway's 'Frozen'

On this week's Inside Broadway, Michael Riedel and Christine Nagy chat with Ryann Redmond who is the first woman to play "Olaf" in Frozen on Broadway. Redmond talks about what it is like to make the puppet come to life on stage and how she landed the role.

Redmond explains, "I have 0 puppet training in my background. The biggest challenge is the repetitive movement of making his mouth move. There's two buttons that the thumb pushes to make his eyebrows and eyelids to go up and down and I hit those a lot throughout the show because he's gotta blink like a real person. And lift his eye brows when he's surprised." We are so impressed!

Listen to the full episode below and see Ryann as "Olaf" in Frozen today!



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