Lilli Cooper On Bringing 'Tootsie' From Screen to Stage

Michael Riedel and Christine Nagy speak with Lilli Cooper who plays the role of "Julie Nichols" in Broadway's Tootsie. She talks about how the show is transformed to bring it from screen to stage.

Cooper talked highly of her cast mates,

"The cast is fantastic. Everyone is in what they do best. It's so well cast. It's this ragtag motley crew of wacky characters and everybody is sort of similar to their characters in certain ways. It's just filled with a bunch of comedians. We walk into the room during tech rehearsal and we just can't help to laugh out loud and even break character sometimes. We just make each other laugh so much."

Coming off of just playing "Sandy Cheeks" tasked with helping to save the town of Bikini Bottom in Spongebob Squarepants the Musical, Lilli Cooper is excited to be back on Broadway playing another independent female lead in Tootsie.  Preview performances begin on March 29th and opening night is set for April 23rd. This role of "Julie Nichols" was originally played by the iconic Jessica Lang in the 1982 film, and Lilli is thrilled to be able to be a woman of color portraying the character today. Lilli originated the role in the Chicago out-of-town tryout and is eager for Broadway audiences to get to see how this story plays out against the landscape of the 2019 culture.

Listen to the full episode of Inside Broadway below:

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