Ben Crawford Finds His 'Phantom'

This week on Inside Broadway, Michael Riedel and Christine Nagy speak with Ben Crawford who is currently starring as the title role in Phantom of the Opera on Broadway.

He talks about how the show continues to stay relevant after thirty plus years and making the role his own:

"There are those moments obviously that need to be in the show, but they give a lot of leeway. During the rehearsal process, there is a lot of discussion about direction you want to fo and what you want to do... They really wanna make it your own Phantom. They are really into finding the individuality of the man who is playing the role which is great. It is constantly evolving as well which I love."

The Broadway production celebrated an unprecedented, record-extending 31 Years on January 26, 2019.It has played a staggering nearly 13,000 performances (a milestone it will reach on April 22), been seen by 18.5 million people and grossed over $1.1 Billion. Phantom remains a box office champ and continues to play with no end in sight.

Listen to the full Inside Broadway episode below:

Photo: Matthew Murrary

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