Bryan Cranston Grateful For His Broadway Roles

On this Inside Broadway, Michael Riedel and Christine Nagy speak with Tony and Emmy winner Bryan Cranston about his role of news anchor "Howard Beale" in the Broadway production of Network.

Riedel of course had to start out by asking Cranston if he a big fan of the movie.

Cranston said, "I was in college when I first saw it. At the time, it was considered a satirical piece and now fast forward 41 years, we're living in this generation where news is now opinionated and manipulated and packaged and presented to people regardless of their ideology theres something for everyone. The themes of being addicted to the current technology that is out there, in these days it was the television... Paddy Chayefsky's intention when he wrote the screenplay was to warn against locking yourself into a ideological camp..."

Later, Cranston talks about how Breaking Bad allowed him the opportunity to head to Broadway and the distraction of phones in the theater. Listen to the full podcast below!

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