Christopher Sieber On 'The Prom' Being The 'Easiest Hard Work Ever'

On this Inside Broadway, Michael Riedel and Christine Nagy chat with Christopher Sieber about how The Prom has been the "easiest hard work ever."

"It's an amazing wonderful rare thing that we have at The Prom We have all been friends, including the creatives and the adult cast, for 20 years or more. We are basically all just playing with our friends!It's the easiest hard work ever, it's great. It is so funny. People ask us if we are improving up there? It's actually the way it was rehearsed when we were improving and making each other laugh, all of that ended up in the script. It seems when you watch it, it is just kind of coming out of us which is great, but it is scripted and we follow the script very much so."

Later, Sieber looks back at his time in Spamalot and working with director Mike Nichols, plus chats about the enjoyment he gets with working with children. Listen to the full podcast below!

Photo: Deen Van Meer

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