Brian d'Arcy James Likes To Keep The Balance Between Plays and Musicals


On this Inside Broadway, Michael Riedel and Christine Nagy chat with Brian d'Arcy James about his role in the 9-time Tony Award nominated play The Ferryman on Broadway.

"I saw it in London and was astounded. I was sitting in the very last seat of the theater and I didn't miss any any ounce of it. It was incredible and I knew that this was going to be coming to New York at some point or another. I was very vocal about saying I don't know what or how or if there's ever any chance to to throw my hat in the ring, but I would like to just let you know in case that company can't come over, I'm in. They of course did come over and were victorious and celebrated and amazing and got this show off to an astounding start and then a lot of the cast left in February so that was that was this miraculous chance for me to join."

d'Arcy James goes on to say that being a part of The Ferryman has been one of the most satisfying, challenging and remarkable experiences he has ever had. Later, the stage and screen star explains how he likes to keep both plays and musicals in his life. Check out the full conversation with d'Arcy James above.



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