Dr. Oz Talks Dominican Republic Alcohol Deaths & Cancerous Chicken


Dr. Oz stopped by the Lite FM studio to chat with Cubby and Christine about the alcohol related deaths occurring in the Dominican Republic, if chicken can cause cancer, and season 11 of his show.

Dr. Oz dives into the reason behind the deaths occurring in the Dominican Republic, "The resorts don't realize it's happening, I really think that they are innocently involved but nevertheless, there's a cover-up happening, because they don't want their tourism industry to shut down because people are dying of tainted alcohol... Alcohol is expensive. You can make cheap alcohol grain alcohol or rubbing alcohol or methanol by putting cheap replacements and unscrupulous people do that because they're stealing your money in addition to stealing your health. Once that's in the in the supply of the hotel, the alcohol gets into your minibar or into whatever you're ordering and when that methanol gets into your drink you can't taste it because it is inert. Now you're dying from this and we're not able to figure it out. If you're gonna go to one of those resorts, make sure the bottle is opened in front of you or drink beer."

Later, Christine read a headline that chicken can cause cancer and asks Dr. Oz if that is true. Find out in the full interview above!

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