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Casey Likes Stars in 'Back to the Future: The Musical'

Caesar Samayoa: How To Dance In Ohio Has Been Life Changing

Michael Riedel and Christine Nagy chat with Broadway star Caesar Samayoa about his role as Dr. Emilio Amigo in HOW TO DANCE IN OHIO, the musical adaptation of the HBO documentary about young adults with autism. He said the role was "life changing." HOW TO DANCE IN OHIO is playing at the Belasco Theatre.

Cinnabon is teaming up with "Mean Girls"! (3 Pretty Cool Things)

Plus, Popeyes is doing something fun wing related to the Superbowl and a "Friends" script was stolen and is going up for auction!

The "Sex And The City" tutu is going up for auction! (3 Pretty Cool Things)

Plus, Starbucks is rolling out $3 Thursdays and BOGO weekends and you can now get an "in case I go missing" binder!

Stranger Things 5 is OFFICIALLY in production! (3 pretty cool things)

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Do you know what a "Jesus Nut" Is? (3 Pretty Cool Things)

Plus, these are some cool "The Sopranos" facts and this is what A LOT of money will get you!

Chip Zien: HARMONY Touches on Themes Relevant for Today

Michael Riedel and Christine Nagy chat with Broadway veteran Chip Zien about his role as the "Rabbi" in the Barry Manilow/Bruce Sussman musical HARMONY. He explains how the show touches on current themes. He also reminisces about working with Stephen Sondheim. HARMONY opened Monday, November 13, at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre.

People are looking for 1996 calendars! (3 Pretty Cool Things)

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It's Krispy Kreme day of dozens because it's 12/12! (3 Pretty Cool Things)

Plus, the job with most projected growth is a wind turbine service tech and this is the most energy consuming organ!