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There's A Hot Pink Lake In Australia! (3 Pretty Cool Things)

Jarrod Spector is Hamilton's New King George III

Michael Riedel and Christine Nagy chat with Tony-nominated actor Jarrod Spector about joining the cast of Hamilton. Spector steps into the role of King George III and talks about what it is like to join the cast of a show that changed the cultural landscape. Hamilton is currently playing at the Richard Rodgers Theater.

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Alex Brightman Makes a Shift from Musicals with 'The Shark is Broken'

Michael Riedel and Christine Nagy chat with two-time Tony nominee Alex Brightman about his return to Broadway in The Shark is Broken, a new comedy about the making of Jaws. Brightman plays the role of Richard Dreyfuss and talks about the dynamic with his co-stars Colin Donnell and Ian Shaw. He also discusses joining "the play club" after becoming known for musicals. The Shark is Broken is currently playing at the Golden Theatre.

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