Maury Povich Reveals The Secret To His Show's Success


Maury Povich dropped by Lite FM to talk with Christine and Cubby.

The long time host of The Maury Show revealed the secret to the show's success. "I knew that when it came to a talk show, this particular segment was a reality form of soap opera. It had all those Shakespearean themes of love, lust, betrayal, honesty and lying. So, I knew it had the ingredients. What I did not know was what the reaction would be. And I know one thing I did was, when the producer briefed me and the story was there and then she said to me ‘and then the result is’ I said ‘I don’t want to know the result. I don’t want to know anything more more than my guests, or my live audience or my audience at home. I don’t want to know anything more than they do because than I’ll skew my questions. I want to be as upfront and open as I can possibly be. And that’s where the ‘you are not the father’ originally came from because I am just as surprised as everyone else."

Cubby and Christine Mornings

Cubby and Christine Mornings

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