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Community Access On Solving The Digital Divide

"Friluftsliv" & The Open Air Life

While about 80% of the population of the developed world lives in urban areas—human bodies and brains are much the same since we lived in caves and in nature. In her new book, THE OPEN-AIR LIFE, Swedish-American writer Linda Åkeson McGurk shares the principles the Nordic practice of Friluftsliv and explains how unplugging and connecting more deeply with nature can improve mental and physical health, relationships, and general well-being. For more, visit

New York City’s Police Athletic League

For Over 100 years, New York City’s Police Athletic League has helped countless young New Yorkers build for their futures by providing them with safe, nurturing and supportive places to play and learn. This fall, PAL is operating supervised, educational and recreational programs for young people ages 3 to 21 at PAL centers and sites citywide. Our guest is PAL’s new Executive Director Carlos Velazquez. For more, visit

HOW TO RAISE A READER: Fostering a Lifelong Love of Books

In a world where so much is competing for our child’s attention, how do you get them to simply read a book? Our guest is Maria Russo, Children’s Books Editor of the New York Times Review, co-author with NYT Review Editor Pamela Paul, of HOW TO RAISE A READER, a book focused on how to foster a lifelong love of books from birth to teenage years.

Hungerthon 2022

Once again, 106.7 Lite FM is proud to be a partner of Hungerthon: An annual radio tradition, organized by Why Hunger to educate listeners across the U.S. and raise critical funds to end hunger in America. Hungerthon Board Member Chef Pearl Thompson talks about food insecurity and food justice—and how hunger is not a problem of supply, but of organization and lack of empowerment. To donate, purchase and bid on items, visit through December 31st.

THE YEAR OF THE PUPPY: How Dogs Become Themselves

For THE YEAR OF THE PUPPY: How Dogs Become Themselves, Alexandra Horowitz, Head of the Dog Cognition Lab at Barnard College, follows a puppy from birth through her first year of life.

New Yorkers For Children On Supporting Youth Aging Out Of Foster Care

As the number of guaranteed income pilot programs for vulnerable populations increase across the country, early successes mirror the experience of young adults receiving financial supports from the non-profit New Yorkers For Children. Executive Director Saroya Friedman-Gonzalez talks about how funds are used by young people who have aged out of the foster system, and about the public responsibly owed to children in placed in the state’s care. For more, visit

HOW TO INVEST: Masters on the Craft

What do the most successful investors have in common?  Beyond math, it's mindset.  Our guest is David M. Rubenstein, co-founder and co-chairman of The Carlyle Group, one of the world's largest and most successful private investment firms, to discuss his new book HOW TO INVEST: Masters on the Craft; a master class on investing featuring conversations with the biggest names in finance.

Expanding New York's Dental Training To Serve Disabled Patients

People with developmental disabilities often require a special approach to dental care.
But because few dentists are specially trained to serve these patients, there’s typically a high barrier to care. Our guest is Jonathan Teyan, President of New York State Academic Dental Centers, which has introduced The Fellowship to Address Oral Health Disparities, a program designed to create a pipeline of dentists to better serve people with a range of disabilities. For more, visit

Temple Grandin's VISUAL THINKING

Even though visual thinkers constitute a far greater proportion of the population than previously believed, we live in a language-dominated world—A world that tends to screen visual thinkers out at school and pass over them in the workplace. Our guest is Autism Activist, Scientist, and New York Times-Bestselling Author Dr. Temple Grandin, with her new book VISUAL THINKING: The Hidden Gifts of People Who Think in Pictures, Patterns, and Abstractions. For more,